Your Post Care Instructions After Your Thermage Treatment

WHAT TO DO AFTER YOUR THERMAGE – Thermage is an internal Bio-Stimulant treatment that has no surface skin downtime or recovery time.

There are no special care protocols for managing your Thermage treatment as there is no surface skin irritation or management that is needed. The treatment will develop regardless of post care protocols.

Hyaluronic Acid (hydrating) or other ingredient masks are not recommended. They may contain ingredients that irritate or create adverse reactions not related to your Thermage treatment.

Although your skin may feel “firm” or “tight”, this should not be confused with Dehydration in the skin. Thermage does not negatively affect Sebum or Hyaluronic levels in the skin.

For ongoing Skin Support and the preservation of your Thermage we recommend the Obagi Skin Support System as indicated in your Post Care Instructions.

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR THERMAGE – After Thermage we focus on giving your Thermage and other treatments the best possible chance of longevity and intensity. We take advantage of the intense cell renewal to accelerate the performance of other scientific bio-stimulant treatments and clinically appropriate homecare products.

YOU DESERVE ‘THE MAGIC’ – The foundation for our selection of post Thermage treatments is based on how we age and what that looks like. We call this group of treatments “The Magic”. Our clients who have experienced the changes in their skin named this selection after they experience profound changes in skin.

These changes included corrections in skin colour, tone, pore size, volume, hydration and not forgetting – that unmistakeable youthful glow to all skin of all ages.

Clients begin “The Magic” journey immediately after Thermage treatments and stager “The Magic” set of treatments over a 3–6-month period post Thermage.

Go to “The Magic” for more information

Recommended Skin Care Support Essentials

We prefer and recommend Obagi Dermatology Skin Care – This brand is only available at medical practices with a 25-year history of peer reviewed and published clinical studies proving the efficacy and safety of each product. There is no other skincare brand that offers this level of clinical assurance.

Essential support homecare that we recommend for:

3. Reduce Skin Dehydration and Maintain Levels of Hyaluronic Acid in Skin

4. Broad Spectrum SPF to Protect Skin from UV Damage


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