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Clinical Skin Peels

High performance combination skin regulating system

Saphira skin peels combine the efforts of medical grade skin peeling agents, to light exfoliation vitamin infused peels. Skin appropriate peels are used with assisted technologies like LED photodynamic therapy.

Natural plant derivative skin peeling agents

Skin peels use an acidic preparation, usually derived from a plant source, to help dissolve glue-like proteins that hold thickened dead cells together.

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Removing this outer layer of thickened dead skin helps to reveal a newer, fresher and healthier skin layer. The removal of thickened dead skin stimulates additional cell development and production of more resilient collagen. Other benefits include normalising skin function, and increasing your skin’s natural hydration.

The completion of the skin peeling process unmasks new and living skin cells. A customised selection of vitamin rich ingredients vital to skin health and cell development is then infused into the cells using assisted technologies.

Vitamin bio-available and uptake

The Saphira combination therapy, using customised vitamin infusion, is proven to effectively and gently exfoliate the surface layers of damaged, dead skin.

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These treatments help to stimulate additional cell development, regulate and balance moisture levels in the skin, and help the body to produce a more resilient collagen skin layer.

Saphira clinical skin peels improve skin tone and texture, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, increase the rate of cell turnover and offer superior penetration of skin care maintenance products.

Ready to go skin radiance!

There is no downtime to this extraordinary combination treatment. On completion of a clinical skin peel treatment you can expect refined, refreshed skin perfection and go straight to any social or work engagement.


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