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Fraxel Laser

The pioneer technology of fractional laser

Fraxel is a brand name for the exciting group of technologies for skin rejuvenation and treatment of scars called fractionated Laser. It is a safe and relatively quick procedure that helps to create a smooth, fresher, healthier skin, improving skin tone, texture and pore size and softening wrinkles and lines. It is also an excellent treatment for acne and surgical scars.

How Does Fraxel Work?

Fraxel is the brand name for the company that pioneered fractional photothermolysis – a technology where tiny microscopic laser columns, each just one-tenth the diameter of a hair follicle, treat a fraction of the skin at a time (15-50%). Each column of laser treated skin is surrounded by a large cuff of undamaged skin cells that provide the reservoir from which the skin heals. Over a week, the skin extrudes the column of damaged skin onto the skin surface and the body’s natural healing is stimulated to replace it with younger, smoother, healthier skin.

Fraxel lasers work by only treating a fraction of the skin (15-50%) at each treatment session, this means the healing time is much quicker and the side effects significantly fewer. The Fraxel laser also has a unique speed-dependent rolling delivery system that ensures that the laser lays down a uniform pattern of treatment to maximise effectiveness and reduce risk of overlapping.

How many treatments will I need and how will they be spaced?

Everyone’s skin is different, but clinical studies suggest that for most people, maximum results are realised in anywhere from 1 to 5 sessions. Sessions are usually spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart.

What side-effects can I expect after treatment and how long will they last?

You will have some degree of redness and swelling for a period of time anywhere from 1 to 7 days. The intensity and duration depends on how aggressive the treatment was and your particular healing characteristics. Other temporary side-effects may include minor itching, dry skin, peeling or flaking, and a bronzed skin appearance.

Does Fraxel treatment hurt?

Topical anaesthetic is applied before the procedure and cold air is used on the treatment area during the procedure to minimize discomfort. After the treatment, most patients report a feeling similar to having a too much sun. It usually disappears after 1 to 3 hours.

How long do the effects of Fraxel treatment last?

It depends on your particular condition and how you care for your skin. Always wear sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher, wear a wide brined hat and avoid direct sun exposure while you’re healing for at least 3 months after your last treatment. Most clients find that the use of cosmeceutical skincare containing AHAs, Vitamin A and Vitamin C, such as those found in Saphira Skin Care Systems, help to maintain and preserve the Fraxel result.

Choosing the best Resurfacing and Corrective treatment for you

At Saphira Clinic we offer several options for skin resurfacing and colour correction, which include E-Light Photorejuvenation, Clear & Brilliant Fractional Laser, Fraxel Laser and CO2 Fractional Laser. Some of the factors that we take into consideration when offering a resurfacing and corrective treatment include:

  • The severity and type of condition to be treated.
  • The level of time that a client is willing to attribute to recovery.
  • The level of discomfort a client is willing to attribute to treatment and recovery.
  • The personal financial resources that a client is willing to attribute to the treatment.

Prior to the selection of a resurfacing and corrective treatment you will be given specific details on what you might expect from each treatment and how to minimise possible side effects, and what to do to maximise results.

Neck, Chest and Hands

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Acne Scarring

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