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You Deserve the “The Magic”

What is “The Magic”

The science is in for the revolutionary NO DOWNTIME transformation that we are seeing with the combination  of 3 skin targeted sequenced treatments. These treatments are delivered over a 3–6-month period and repeated yearly. The skin transformation of these combined therapies is SPECTACULAR!
After having “The Magic” you could expect you skin to be:

  • Firmer and Lifted
  • More Volumised
  • Clearer in Colour, Tone, Texture
  • More Refined
  • More Radiant and Toned
  • Healthier and More Youthful

Do all ages need all of “The Magic”?

Yes! From the age of 28 onwards ALL of us experience the loss of volume, loss of skin elasticity, loss of skin hydration. Most clients experience less production of collagen and most of us have skin imperfections like pigments, skin redness, fine lines, enlarged pore size, or dull skin. After “The Magic” younger clients restore and strengthen elasticity and preserve youthful healthy skin and prevent further skin ageing. Our more mature clients correct skin imperfections, restore elasticity and increase depleted collagen levels, reducing ageing and restoring a more youthful and healthier look to skin.

The Magic Treatments & Sequence

No 1 – Thermage

When the Radio Frequency energy of Thermage is strategically and skilfully applied, you can expect lifting, tightening and the laying down the essential 3 stages of wound healing and repair collagen. Although there is an immediate lifting and tightening result after treatment, over the 4-6 months following the treatment clients experience the development of firm and resilient inner volume as well as a strengthening and firming of the skin. Thermage is performed first to give following treatments the advantage of the developing wound healing collagen.

NO DOWNTIME and NO EXCESSIVE PAIN and only 1 treatment session is required.

Read more about how we use Thermage to lift and tighten skin.

No 2 – BBL HERO Forever Young

The science of custom correction sees this one device correct skin disorders like, pigment, red facial veins, enlarged pore size, active and post acne lesions, and unwanted hair in the same session. After skin correction, the session is finished with the “Forever Young” setting – the scientific breakthrough, where specific settings are applied which cause cells to mimic the DNA anti-ageing messages – literally preventing the skins signal to age. Most importantly this technology does NOT create extreme heat and irritation to the skin’s surface which makes it safe for all skin ethnicities, even the darkest skin colours.

There is NO DOWNTIME AND NO EXCESSIVE PAIN and for most clients only 3 x treatments spaced one month apart are required each year.

Read more about how we use BBL HERO technology to correct skin colour and reduce skin ageing.

No 3 – Vitamin Infused SkinBoosters

With the addition of over 56 active ingredients our Hyaluronic Acid SkinBooster formula resets youthful levels.  With application to the precise skin layer this essential hydration ingredient along with these vitamins, growth factors, amino acids and multivitamins really does restore the glow and radiance that is evident in youthful and healthy skin.

Again – NO DOWNTIME AND NO EXCESSIVE PAIN and for most clients only 3 x treatments spaced one month apart are required each year.

Read more about how we use SkinBoosters to restore outer volume, radiance, and ongoing skin health.

How much does “The Magic Cost”

So that everyone can experience “The Magic” we offer all of these treatments at a significantly reduced price.

It is our belief that most clients who participate in “The Magic” would NOT require and other skin treatments or technologies throughout the year.
We believe that we have selected the absolute BEST that scientific, non-surgical procedures has to offer. It’s the same program that we choose for ourselves and for many of our colleagues who don’t have access, practice in, or have expertise in these technologies.

1 x Full Face, Neck and our Signature Eye and Brow Lift is $2700 Save $400

3 x BBL HERO Custom Correction Forever Young Treatments is $1200 Save $150

3 x Full Face, Neck and Eyes SkinBooster Treatments is $1500 Save $300

Clients in “The Magic” program are offered priority appointments to complete their treatment schedule. “The Magic” program can be completed in either 3 or 6 months.

Email us or text us on 0448 290 519 if you would like to discuss or book an appointment.


Save $400 OFF a Thermage Treatment

Save $300 OFF a SkinBooster Package

Save $150 OFF a BBL Forever Young Package


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