Saphira Clinic Thermage Pre Treatment Info

These pre-care and post-care instructions are intended to guide you through the treatment process and get you on your way to your skin restoration journey.
This Document is supplied to you along with a link to your electronic patient consent, which must be completed before your treatment appointment.

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These documents are provided so that you understand what to expect throughout each stage of the Thermage treatment journey.

It is important that you read the document and refer to the information at the appropriate stages of your treatment.

Contained in the Document are the instructions for:

  1. Preparation For Your Thermage Treatment
  2. What to Expect on the Day of Your Thermage Treatment?
  3. Your Post Care Instructions After Your Thermage Treatment.

Preparation For Your Thermage Treatment

  • Adult skin from about the late 20’s onward, loses approximately 1% of its dermal collagen content every year?
  • Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, accounting for 25% – 35% of the total protein mass. In order to create more collagen, we need the activation of fibroblast which results in an increase in the production of collagen.
  • Aside from very selected and specific contraindications excluding patients from having a Thermage treatment, every adult is losing elasticity and collagen.
  • Thermage is the world’s best non-invasive skin tightening treatment that will boost collagen production from the deepest layers for the most natural looking results.

Before your appointment, you should have reviewed detailed information and clinical examples of Saphira Thermage Results. Viewing real results helps patients to be aware of both the expected improvement and limitations of the Thermage Technology.

Always remember that Thermage is not a spot wrinkle corrector treatment. It is a restoration of YOU! Restoring to a time several years earlier where there was a more youthful volume with firmer and tighter skin.

Preparation For Your Thermage Treatment Day

DO NOT WEAR MASCARA – There is no special preparation that you need to do before your Thermage, but patients are asked to arrive wearing light makeup or Sunscreen, but no mascara or heavy eyeliner. Your practitioner will thoroughly cleanse and prepare your skin before the treatment.

DO NOT APPLY NUMBING CREAM – The application of numbing cream does not assist with discomfort as the anaesthesia only numbs the skin’s surface and there is no energy emitted to the skin’s surface.

Numbing cream application is useless and can interfere with the placement of the grid, which is an important marker guide for your practitioner in delivering precise and uniform Thermage treatment energy.

DO NOT WEAR RESTRICTIVE CLOTHING – Do not wear clothing restricting access to treatment areas of face, neck and body areas. Examples like high collars, turtleneck sweaters, very tight clothing with no access to your shoulders and back.

DO NOT WEAR EXCESSIVE JEWELLRY – Necklaces and bulky earrings.

DO NOT DRINK EXCESSIVE WATER OR COFFEE – Drinking too much water or coffee on the day of your treatment creates the need for additional toilet breaks which can reduce the accumulated heat retention during the treatment and may impair your outcome.

ARRIVING 5 MINUTES BEFORE YOUR TREATMENT – We ask patients to arrive 5 minutes before your treatment. Make your way to the Clinic Entrance and follow the signs.  You can use the bathroom at this time if needed . Your practitioner will come and get you at your appointment time. There are no wait areas in the treatment rooms, and we ask that you don’t knock on the treatment room doors.

PLEASE TURN YOUR PHONE ON SILENT – You will need to leave your phone turned off before you enter the clinic, as it will not be available to you for talking or taking photographs throughout the treatment.

We will take a full set of before and immediately after photographs with will be sent to you at a time following your treatment.

CUSTOM TREATMENT PLANNING – Your treatment goals will be discussed with you at the time of your treatment session and your practitioner will customised a treatment plan using facial markers and applying an ink grid.

What to expect on the day of your treatment?

TAKING CLINICAL PHOTOS – After collecting you from the wait area your Thermage Practitioner will take you into the treatment room and take a set of clinical photographs to be used for future base line and review photos. On completion of the treatment, we take a set of “immediately after” photos. This set will be sent to you, up to a week following your treatment.

CUSTOM TREATMENT PLANNING – after your clinical photography your treatment goals will be discussed with you. After you have discussed your goals, your practitioner will customise a treatment plan using facial markers to help you understand how she will use the energy to get the result for you.

CLEANSING AND SKIN PREPARATION – Your skin will be thoroughly cleansed with Dermatology Brand Cleanser Obagi MD Cleansing Wipe and wiped with medical alcohol prep solution. Now that the custom plan is in place, a treatment grid is applied to ensure that the energy is delivered uniformly and efficiently to achieve the planned treatment.

CHOOSING A 600 or 900 SHOT TIP – FACIAL TREATMENTS – The quoted treatment cost is for the full face, neck and our signature eye and brow lift. Your practitioner will use the amount of energy to create the collagen production and realise the result.  The number of shots required to give this result depends on the size of the face.

The choice of how many shots are needed to treat the area will vary, depending on the size of a client’s face, especially the mid face and forehead. The grid placement determines which tip we use for your treatment. Clients with a bigger face will require 900 shots to achieve the same spread of energy as a smaller face requiring 900 shots. Clients who need 900 shots to cover the treatment area do not pay more just as there is no additional discount for having a “smaller” face and only needing 900 shots to achieve the same energy spread.

Your practitioner decides which tip to use after she has placed the grid marker on your face.

APPLYING A GENUINE TIP – Your practitioner will show you the boxed, sealed and ID registered consumable tip before opening and attaching this tip to the Thermage device. We only use genuine tips and ethical treatment modalities. One tip will be used on one client as is the ethical and clinical protocol.

PAIN AND DISCOMFORT – Your Practitioner will take you through the steps of the treatment and introduce the sensations of each step before commencement of the treatment. The treatment is not meant to be really painful with most clients describing it as comfortable with only a few spots that feel more uncomfortable than the rest.

THE SKILL IN GETTING THE RESULT – Many clients come with the notion that the higher the treatment energy setting the better the result. This is contrary to clinical protocol and a lack of scientific understanding of how the technology responds to individual skin thickness and density. Thermage is designed to deliver enough RF energy to trigger a collagen synthesis outcome without excessive trauma or burns. The energy level is just one aspect of treatment monitoring that is required to create a uniform lift and tighten of the treatment area. The skill of the practitioner is in knowing how and where to place the energy for each client and monitoring these parameters throughout the entire treatment.

COMPLETING YOUR TREATMENT – Your treatment session time including planning is about 2 hours to completion. On completion of your Thermage Treatment, your practitioner will remove the ink grid, cleanse your face and apply Obagi Soothing Complex Broad Spectrum SPF to finish.

Your skin may be slightly pink from the constant pressure of the handpiece but there won’t be any noticeable redness, irritation, or discomfort after your treatment. You could quite easily go to back to work, collect children from school or go straight to an event. Your makeup can be applied immediately after treatment.

We take another set of photos, just to review the immediate freshness that is visible on completion.

WAITING FOR RESULTS – Although we take immediate photos, the final result of collagen restoration and skin laxity repair happens as the inner structures heals over a time period, finalised between 4-6 months after your treatment. Appointments for review are not scheduled before 6 months post treatment.


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