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no more ageing for you – BBL is here!

Science has had the last word with 15 year clinical studies that prove that with BBL treatments you really can ‘stop the clock’ and reverse the ageing process.  Evidence shows that participation in BBL treatments changes the expression of genes associated with ageing.

BBL Corrective

Removal of brown spots, pigments and red facial veins on all skin types

BBL Forever Young

Preserving youth, stimulating new collagen, repairing and maintaining healthy youthful skin cells

BBL Clear

A revolution in quick response acne and breakout reduction. this treatment rapidly reduces the cycle of acne activity preventing post acne scaring and pigment lesions.


Helps turn back the visible signs of ageing, anywhere on the body. Now skin type and colour can get the same Forever Young BBL facial results in a fraction of the time.

Saphira Best BBL Deals!

Full Face and Neck Entire BBL Range or

Full Chest and Neck Entire BBL Range

Body Price on Application

3 x treatments for $1050

Has Your Skin Been Neglected?

Feeling like your skin needs some serious attention?  You are not alone in feeling like you need a plan for a long, overdue skin restoration and revitalisation.

What Treatment do you do First?

We can help you prioritise your skin treatments and targeted, scientific skincare routine.  Book a FREE  Age Management Assessment with Vanessa, Sadah or Christiana.

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Why is Thermage the best place to start?

Smart Stars Who Love Thermage?

Gwyneth Paltrow * Ellen DeGeneres * Linda Evangelista * Jennifer Aniston

You tell us that they all have one thing in common…
They all look natural, fresh, youthful & NOT ‘fake’, ‘overdone’ or ‘weird’ These are the Signature Benefits of Thermage, and why it remains the world’s most popular and safest non-surgical skin lifting and tightening treatment.

Expect Even Better Thermage Results without extreme pain!

As we are recognised as Australia’s no. 1 Thermage Clinics,  together our practitioners have reviewed hundreds of  our Saphira Thermage results.  These reviews have led us to formalise some exiting new protocols that offer clients more targeted and intense lifting and tightening and even less discomfort with Thermage procedures, WITHOUT EXTREME PAIN that clients report from other Thermage Clinics.

thermage for body skin tightening

One Thermage Treatment Today- For a Smoother, Tighter, Firmer Body

Thermage results for the body develop over a 6-month period post treatment.
Best body treatment areas are tummy, inner and outer thighs, knees, bottom and back of thighs and upper arms.

Bonus Price for a Thermage Treatment you SAVE $250 or SAVE $800 when you book 2 or more areas of Thermage Face or Body

Practitioner Favourite Treatments This summer?

SkinBoosters are THE Best for Hydrating Your Skin

The HA is delivered into the receptive layer of the skin. Aside from the anti-aging processes that take place when additional moisture is introduced into the cellular skin layers, THE BIG benefit is the visual plumping of the outer layers, creating a youthful volume and a luminous glow.

Book 3 x Full Face & Neck SkinBooster Treatments & Save $300

SkinBoosters to Refresh & Hydrate Lips

Instead of BIG lips, What About Fresh, Hydrated, Healthy Lips, for all Ages

if you have experienced dry, cracked, crinkled and dehydrated or thin lips then you are a great candidate for the Saphira Lip Restoration Treatment. This treatment uses fine hydrating droplets of HA placed uniformly in the lips to restore moirsture and keep your lips hydrated and healthy.
This amazing treatment can also be used to restore the volume and hydration in hands and decolletage as well.

Lip Restoration is ONLY $400 per treatment

Hands and Decolletage $800 per treatment

And Thank You – As Practitioners we are often overwhelmed at how lucky we are to meet such amazing Clients. Women that make our working day pure joy and keep us passionate about what we do.

Saphira Bonus Buy

Save $250 OFF a Thermage Treatment

Save $300 OFF a SkinBooster Package

Save $150 OFF a BBL Forever Young Package

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