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Victoria – Welcome Back!


Firstly, we would like to say a heartfelt thank you for your patience and support during lockdown periods. We don’t take for granted that because of you, we are still able to survive and go on doing what we love.

Our Most Exciting Discovery – “The Magic”

“The Magic” is a treatment bundle that YOU have named “The Magic”. Named after clients reported unbelievable results from the selection and timing of treatments targeting our 3 key areas of skin ageing. We discovered something about treatment selection and scheduling that dramatically changes each treatment’s performance.

After The Magic, expect skin to be:

  • Firmer, Tighter and more lifted
  • More Uniformly Volumised
  • Clearer in Colour, Tone, Texture
  • More Refined and Radiant
  • Hydrated, Luminated and Glowing

Go To “The Magic” for more information.

1 x Thermage $2100
3 x BBL HERO Forever Young Treatms $1050
3 x SkinBooster Treatms $1500
The Magic program is discounted with pay as you go option


BBL HERO Forever Young – Totally Changes How You Age

Aside from its fame as the world’s best treatment for pigment, brown spots, red facial vein and flushing removal, clearing acne lesions and the safe and effective removal of unwanted hair, the exciting science is in how this unique Broadband Light device interrupts DNA age expression messaging, prolonging youthful skin and repairing damaged cells. This is a NEW thing.

Go to BBL HERO Forever Young for more information

Introductory OFFER Bundle price package with pay as you go option
3 x Treatments for $1050

Moxi Laser – Maxi Result with Mini Recovery

Safer and more effective Laser without downtime and trauma? – Moxi is a new gen laser where you can expect to achieve a beautiful youthful glow, reduced pore size, smooth and refined skin, clear in colour, but the big news is: The safest laser for all skin ethnicities with little to no recovery.

Go to Moxi Laser for more information

Introductory OFFER Bundle price package with pay as you go option
3 x Treatments for $1500


Thermage – Always Our Superstar

Why is Thermage our Signature Treatment? Because it’s so significant at retaining the elasticity in skin. Preserving and repairing skin elasticity with Thermage is essential in age management. After all these years it is still the only non-surgical FDA/TGA approved skin tightening treatment for face and body. Thermage maintains your collagen levels triggering the 3 stages of wound healing and repair collagen. At Saphira we have developed signature protocols because as a once a year one only treatment, it matters that you get the premium performance of the technology.

Go to Thermage for more information

Lockdown uplift Bonus price
$2100 for full face, Neck and Eyes


New “PINK“ with the addition of over 56 active ingredients, our Hyaluronic Acid SkinBooster formula resets youthful levels.  With application to the precise skin layer this essential hydration ingredient along with these vitamins, growth factors, amino acids and multivitamins really does restore the glow and radiance that is evident in youthful and healthy skin. Great for an event treatment or do 3 x treatments spaced one month apart for a clinical reset of your skin’s hydration and vitamin health levels.

Go to SkinBoosters for more information

SkinBooster Bonus Reset Price with pay as you go option

3 x treatments for $1500 


Nurse Practitioner Karen Keogh

We are really excited to welcome Karen and her 25 years’ experience in Cosmetic injections. Karen is a clinical trainer in cosmetic injections for Doctors and Nurses in our industry and her skills will allow us to offer an increased range of advanced dermal filler options. She will join Christiana at our Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane clinics in offering an increased range of dermal filler options.


Student Nurse Sadah

Sadah is an almost graduated nurse who is our laser expert. Sadah has captured the attention of Sciton, the makers of the BBL HERO and Moxi laser, for her exceptional scientific understanding and fantastic patient results of these ground-breaking technologies. Exceptional Technologies are only as good as the skill of the practitioner and Sadah is the absolute best in our industry.

Keeping Safe

For the safety of you and your loved ones, all Saphira Practitioners are fully vaccinated, and we observe all covid medical PPE protocols. We ask that all attending clients offer proof of vaccination and use QR code check-in at appointment times.

Longing to Treat YOU

Due to the demand for treatment appointments, we are not offering separate, in-clinic consultations. Prior to making a treatment selection, by email and phone, your practitioner will guide you through appropriate information, try to resolve your concerns and make sure you are clinically appropriate for the treatment. Time is allocated at your treatment appointment for facial analysis, clinical photography, and discussion about treatment customisation.

Email us for enquiries and appointment calendar.


Save $400 OFF a Thermage Treatment

Save $300 OFF a SkinBooster Package

Save $150 OFF a BBL Forever Young Package


All Clinics are by Appointment only and we are located in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Byron Bay.

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