Book with Your “Thermage Besties” and Get $600 Off Full Price Thermage Face or Body Treatments


Book a Thermage face or Body treatment with 2 or more of your Friends and you all Get $600 Off a full price Thermage Area.

All friends pay only $2500.

The offer is for a Full face, neck and our signature eye and brow lift or a body area Thermage XG-FLX, the latest Model Thermage Device.

Thermage is recommended for EVERYONE for skin tightening and collagen remodeling. Because we customise each treatment you and your “Thermage Besties” won’t need a separate consultation.

As you probably already know, we are Australia’s and Southeast Asia’s most experienced Thermage Clinic, with 22 years of Thermage experience, so you can expect the best possible Result. All treatments will be performed by one of our 3 Specialist Thermage Nurses.

Click the link to Invite 2 or more of your “Thermage Besties.”

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Who is eligible:

  • When 3 or more people book using the “Thermage Bestie” online portal each client receives a discount of $600 OFF the original price. Original price for Thermage Area is $3100.
  • The promotional price for each friend is “Thermage Besties” is $2500
  • Any participant or “Host Bestie” can instigate the promotion for themselves and nominate 2 or more friends to participate and secure the discount of all the “Thermage Besties” only by using the “Thermage Besties” portal.

How to Enter:

  • Click on the link to enter your details and send a “Thermage Host Bestie promo” to send an invitation to your friends.
  • You can send as many “Thermage Bestie” participant requests as you like.
  • When 2 or more of your friends respond, you and your “Thermage Besties” will be asked to confirm and pay for the treatment with the discount price.
  • Once you send our “Thermage Bestie” invitations your friends will receive an email information about the promo with instructions on how to pay and book.
  • Once ALL of the Besties have confirmed participation and made payment, all Participants can use the booking link to book their appointments.

Terms and conditions:

  • The discount offered in the promotion is $600 off the original price of a Thermage Full Face, Neck and Eye and Brow lift or a Body Area of Thermage- Full price $3100 The “Thermage Bestie” bonus price each participant is $2500.
  • The Thermage “Host Bestie” or organiser can initiate the “Thermage Besties” and offer the promotion to 2 or more friends using the promotional portal.
  • The promotion will be in effect from 1st May 2024 until 30th November 2024
  • All participants must pay the full amount of the procedure $2500 before any participants have their appointments. All participants must have their appointments within 1st May 2024 and 30th November 2024. No Refunds will apply to participants who cancel their appointments once any the “Besties” discounts have been treated and redeemed.
  • Saphira Clinic Reserves the right to review any unforeseen circumstances that might affect the ability of a client to have their Thermage Treatment, but refund penalties may apply.
  • The host or besties who participate cannot be a part of any other Thermage promotion discount offers while the promo is in progress.