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Thermage – Yes, It’s That Good

Have your Thermage with an Expert! Our Thermage practitioner team have performed more Thermage procedures than any other clinic in Australia and are considered by clients and peers to be the experts in Thermage procedures. We are renowned for our […]

Acne Myths Exposed!

The truth about acne, causes and treatments Acne is one of the most common skin conditions in the world, and has made millions of people miserable, frustrated and self-conscious for centuries. It’s no surprise then that myths about acne abound, […]

Facial lifting and tightening without surgery

Is that really possible? If the look you are after can only be achieved by pulling up an inch (2.5cm) of skin between 2 fingers, then the bad news is? You need some surgical intervention – a full face lift […]


AUSTRALIA IS THE ACCELLERATED AGEING CAPITAL OF THE WORLD! Unless you have a shell, fur, are a lizard or have black skin, then your skin is ill equipped for exposure to the harsh Australian conditions. You are more likely to […]

SkinBoosters – That Red Carpet Glow

SkinBoosters – A Saphira practitioner favourite It is not an exaggeration to say that SkinBoosters have taken the world by storm. When we ask client’s what they want from a treatment, skin quality, global volume, skin luminosity and a fresh, […]


Save $400 OFF a Thermage Treatment

Save $300 OFF a SkinBooster Package

Save $150 OFF a BBL Forever Young Package

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