Thank you for your application to participate in the “Thermage Besties” discount

Terms and conditions:

  • The discount offered in the promotion is $600 off the original price of a Thermage Full Face, Neck and Eye and Brow lift or a Body Area of Thermage- Full price $3100 The “Thermage Bestie” bonus price each participant is $2500.
  • The Thermage “Host Bestie” or organiser can initiate the “Thermage Besties” and offer the promotion to 3 or more friends using the promotional portal.
  • The promotion will be in effect from May 2023 for 6 calendar months after that date.
  • All participants must pay the full amount of the procedure $2500 before any participants have their appointments.  All participants must have their appointments within the promotional period – 1 May – 30th November.  No Refunds will apply to participants who cancel their appointments once any the “Besties” discounts have been treated and redeemed.
  • Saphira Clinic Reserves the right to review any unforeseen circumstances that might affect the ability of a client to have their Thermage Treatment, but refund penalties may apply.
  • The friend or “Thermage Bestie” who participate in this promotion cannot be a part of any other Thermage promotion discount offers while the promo is in progress.