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Facial lifting and tightening without surgery

Is that really possible?

If the look you are after can only be achieved by pulling up an inch (2.5cm) of skin between 2 fingers, then the bad news is? You need some surgical intervention – a full face lift – cost? – anywhere from 20–40K. If your goal is to subtly lift and tighten the skin and uniformly volumise the facial tissue, it can be achieved for much less than the cost of the surgical option.

Progressively, but more noticeably in our early 40’s, we become aware of the early indicators of ageing. Most women complain of looking tired and have begun to notice the effects of what I call:

The Trio of Ageing:

  1. A little bit of loss to the facial bone mass – brows droop slightly and facial jowls start to appear.
  2. A little loss of volume in the tissue due to the depletion of collagen and a loss of tension in the elastin fibres – deeper lines start to appear from the nose to the corner of the mouth.
  3. Loss of adipose volume in the upper layers of the dermis and epidermis – the finer skin on the eyelid, underneath the eyes. Skin on the neck becomes crepe and looks dehydrated.

If you prefer a subtle, natural and more long-term facial restoration then you share the world’s fastest growing treatment segment for non- surgical facial restoration – Tissue Stimulators. These new generation Tissue Stimulators uniformly restore lost volume all over the face and neck, restoring a naturally more youthful version of yourself. They develop over time with results lasting anywhere from 3–5 years and are the choice of clients who do not want to reveal a sudden change in appearance, but want a long term, sustained lifting, tightening and volumising of the face, neck and eyes.

The world’s best Tissue Stimulators that help address these areas of facial ageing include:

The Trio of Repair:

  1. Injectable Tissue Regeneration – Using an advanced injecting technique, the product is placed in specific areas of the face to help restructure the inner architecture (or scaffolding) of the face – Helps to correct the loss of facial bone mass.
  2. Thermage – High intensity radio frequency heat the deeper dermal levels of the skin and causes elastin fiber contraction and the laying down of thicker more resilient collagen – Helps to restore uniform volume and a tightening of the skin.