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After more than 20 years in the cosmetic industry, where I was involved in product formula research and development, marketing, and technology training and assessment, I’ve seen it all – The good, the bad and the downright weird.

I had the opportunity to work as a clinical trainer for most of the world’s best cosmetic technology companies. This level of experience has taught me that device parameters and practitioner performance are everything when it comes to predicable and safe outcomes for clients.

You can’t offer technology or treatments with hit and miss outcomes. The disappointment for the client and the performing practitioner is just not worth it.

The world’s best brand names in technology

With this knowledge and continued involvement in the industry, I have chosen some premium technology brand names, like Thermage and Clear + Brilliant fractional laser.

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My experience with these devices has enabled me to confidently endorse and recommend the treatment outcomes and the safety for our clients. When it comes to choosing technology, you have to have a unique understanding and a lot of experience in technology assessment to get the best results for your clients.

Designer technology for precision and safety

Equally as valuable as our branded devices, some of our custom designed technologies are built to accommodate my passion for exceptional results, little to no downtime and, the most important aspect of any device, my client’s safety.

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To realise the Saphira vision for technologies I have commissioned several technologies using multiple sourced components from manufactures from Germany, Israel, USA, and Korea, who all excel in cosmetic laser and device manufacturing.

My philosophy in offering age management plans, which might include technologies, is very simple. If there is no supporting science for the claim and it doesn’t work for me, I won’t offer it to you.

Multi-level treatment approaches offer a premium result

The Saphira Philosophy in treating skin problems and maintaining healthy and youthful looking skin is to use a customised approach in selecting treatments, procedures and home care regimes.

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We recognise that there is not a ‘one solution fits all’ in the treating skin conditions. Some of the many factors involved in making a customised plan for treatment include the severity of the condition, the skin type, lifestyle commitments, outcome expectations, and of course, financial considerations.

Designing your personal age management plan

Saphira Treatment plans are customised to offer long term age management and are designed around our belief that the most desirable look today is a restoration of your own facial features offering a fresher and more youthful version of you. We have invested in a collection of the world’s best:

  • Tissue stimulators
  • Resurfacing corrective treatments
  • Skin clarity treatments
  • Skin care systems

Saphira customised treatment plans offer our clients access to the world’s best non surgical cosmetic treatments. Clients enjoy a fresher and more youthful look with sustainable results, little to no interruption to social and professional commitments, in a financially manageable plan.

I welcome women of all ages to come to Saphira and see what’s possible. We have created a luxury, private environments where we encourage a free and honest dialogue about your concerns in the hope that we can build you a result driven, financially manageable, long term age management plan.

Christiana O’Regan
Clinical Director


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